Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Its been a while!

It's been a fair old while since the las blog post, I think as soon as the roof was finished, I breathed a huge HUGE sigh of relief and have just continued breathing out, with a wide smile on my face :)

But lots has happened, and here's some pics to get you up to date.

First, the knock through !

Bathroom, before and after: 

Space for new window on the left, and new 'feature wall' with attractive grey thermalite blocks.

Next, the landing, before and ...after

Next, the small matter of the kitchen and downstairs loo...

 The space behind the door is the WC - now you see it...
 Now you don't!

How to transform your home into a building site: 

Below is the view of the kitchen from, well... the kitchen. 

One last knock through has been the door at the bottom of the stairs into the new games room:

Just like that!

Last couple of pics: 

Our sun pipe on the landing:

and lastly, 2 pics of what the new upstairs looks like.. 

still a couple of things to do; 
kitchen fitting

but for now, we just can't stop running around in it!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tiles and that.

I never thought I'd love a roof as much s I love this one.
As roofs go, this is my absolute favourite.

Tomorrow = Tiles
= less obsessing about the weather :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Roof !

The building work is flying along. In this weeks gale force winds, it seemed only right to start on the roof! Well why not, we've worked through flooding and landslides, why not a hurricane too?

Monday, 5 September 2011

BRICKS and everything!

Quick post today because dinner's cooking and I'm hungry,
but I'm SO excited about the walls and stuff, I had to show you! 

The new bricks !
('LBC Heather' if anyone (?) is interested!)
They don't make our original bricks anymore, so this is the closest match.
Any volunteers to pressure wash our old bricks??

 The path between the retaining wall and the extension
(still a bit wet, but ground water drainage still to be sorted)

 Small hole in the house to see where existing floor joists sit...

The space for french doors into the games room :)

 The path between the retaining wall and extension (again but from a different angle!)

Looking through the games room.

A pic to illustrate that we have chosen edam as our insulation


*   *    *

Bring on the Floor Joists!!!

New kitchen window below, and back door opening
from new utility room

Door connecting kitchen to games room

And the start of the upstairs walls!!!

The new upstairs walls (view from upstairs) 
looks like a nice spot for a balcony?

The new downstairs - viewed from upstairs 

That's All Folks

But tomorrow, who knows...
...more walls maybe? 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hooray !! Goodbye to the Muddiest MUD!

Anyone who has seen this blog of mine will be used 
to seeing copious amounts of ... mud.
I wouldn't want to disappoint you all by cutting 
straight to non-mud pics, so here's two from last weekend. 

If you look very closely you might spot some small walls...

I got home from work on Tuesday to find a floor! 
(Happiest extension day so far!!)

On Wednesday, lots of Lego bricks arrived...

(& nearly came smashing through the lounge window)

And Hey! Presto!
This place is almost ready for a lick of paint... 

So the build is going swimmingly 
(perhaps that's not the ideal phrase to use just yet)

The Cats are still keeping well out of the way 
(& the pigeon population is flourishing)